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About THINKK Academic Network (TAN)

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TAN has been created as a program of THINKK, the think tank for kangaroos, to foster and support research that fills the knowledge gap about kangaroos. It aims to transform the discourse about kangaroos through knowledge production and academic exchange. The network seeks to inspire compassionate conservation of kangaroos.

TAN provides the primary method through which THINKK shares and collaborates with other academics.


TAN’s mission is to encourage participation in a network of research and discourse on non-lethal means of engaging with kangaroos in rural and urban landscapes.


TAN’s vision is for kangaroos and their coexistence with humans and the Australian environment to be at the forefront of humane and rigorous scientific, scholarly and artistic academic work. Secondly, our vision is for this academic work to inform and influence institutions, industry and decision making.


The objectives of TAN are to:
• Facilitate a conversation amongst academics about kangaroos in Australia, particularly around compassionate conservation.
• Encourage and support publication and dissemination of scholarly and creative works about kangaroos and their coexistence with humans and the Australian environment.
• Increase awareness of and maximise the impact of research that focuses on humane and sustainable kangaroo management practices.
• Connect academics across a range of disciplines and increase the quality of research about kangaroos.
• Develop effective means to inform and engage stakeholders to foster informed and genuine debate about kangaroo management.


Listed here (in alphabetical order) are the Members of the THINKK Academic Network. Click on their names to learn more about their key areas of interest, key publications and links.

Professor Marc Bekoff

Dr Rod Bennison

Ruth Billany

Celeste Black

Associate Professor David Brooks

Professor Deborah Cao

Dr Nancy Cushing

Elizabeth Ellis

Professor Freya Mathews

Professor Clive Phillips

Dominique Thiriet

Steven White