University of Technology, Sydney


Elizabeth Ellis

Elizabeth Ellis


BA (UNSW), BA LLB (Macq), DipEd (STC)
Honorary Senior Fellow, Faculty of Law, University of Wollongong

Key areas of interest

  • Animal Law
  • Public Law
  • Legal Education

Recent publications

Animal Law, Hot Topics: Legal Issues in Plain Language (2010, Legal Information Access Centre)

‘Making Sausages and Law: Why Animal Welfare Laws are Failing both Animals and Fundamental Tenets of Australia’s Legal System’ (2010) 4 Australian Animal Protection Law Journal 6

‘Enforcing Animal Welfare Law: the NSW Experience’ (2009) 3 Australian Animal Protection Law Journal 6 (with Keely Boom)

‘Collaborative Advocacy: Framing the Interests of Animals as a Social Justice Concern’ in Peter Sankoff & Steven White (eds), Animal Law in Australasia: A New Dialogue (2009, Federation Press)

Principles and Practice of Australian Law (2nd ed, 2009, Lawbook Co)