University of Technology, Sydney


Future Vision

THINKK is challenging well entrenched beliefs in Australian society about kangaroos. Our mission is to foster understanding amongst Australians about kangaroos in a sustainable landscape, through critically reviewing current kangaroo management practices and exploring non-lethal management methods that are consistent with ecology, animal welfare, human health and ethics.

Eastern Grey Kangaroo Female At Fowlers Gap

Fundamental ecological principles inform us that as top trophic 'native' herbivoures kangaroos have an intrinsic role in the ecology of the landscape. Therefore the well-being of kangaroo populations is likely to be inextricably linked to the well-being of Australia's landscapes. 

THINKK's vision is to provide mechanisms for improving the functional capacity of Australian landscapes where kangaroos occur.

Plains And Floodout Of The Bancannia Trough On Fowlers Gap