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Dominique Thiriet

Dominique Thiriet

LicScNat Strasbourg, GDipNatResMagmt Canberra, LLB(Hon) JCU, GDipLegalPract ANU, Legal Practioner (ACT)

Lecturer, School of Law, James Cook University

Key areas of interest

  • Animal law and ethics;
  • Wildlife law and policy.

Selection of publications

Dominique Thiriet, 'Flying Fox Conservation Laws, Policies and Practices in Australia - A Case Study in Conserving Unpopular Species' (2010) 13(2) Australasian Journal of Natural Resources Law and Policy 161.

Dominique Thiriet, ‘Recreational Hunting – Regulation and Animal Welfare Concerns’ in Peter Sankoff and Stephen White (eds) Animal Law in Australasia , Federation Press (2009).

Dominique Thiriet, In the Spotlight' - Author’s Reply’, (2008) 25 Environmental & Planning Law Journal 157.

Dominique Thiriet, ‘In the Spotlight – The Welfare of Wild Introduced Animals in Australia’ (2007) 24(6) Environmental & Planning Law Journal 417.

Dominique Thiriet,'Out of the ‘Too Hard Basket’- Traditional Hunting and Animal Welfare’ (2007) 24(1) Environmental & Planning Law Journal 59.

Dominique Thiriet, ‘Cultural Rights v Animal Welfare’ (2006) 31(2) Alternative Law Journal 63.

Dominique Thiriet, ‘The Relocation of Flying-Fox Colonies in Queensland’ (2005) 22(3) Environmental & Planning Law Journal 231.

Paul Havemann, Dominique Thiriet, Helene Marsh and Craig Jones, ‘Traditional Use of Marine Resources Agreements and Dugong Hunting in the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area’ (2005) 22(4) Environmental & Planning Law Journal 258.

Dominique Thiriet, ‘Tradition and Change – Avenues for Improving Animal Welfare in Indigenous Hunting’ (2004) 11 James Cook University Law Review 159.

Conference Papers:

Dominique Thiriet, 'The Development of Animal Law - Following Environmental Law's Footsteps or Creating New Pawprints?' a paper presented at the Minding Animals Conference, Newcastle 13-18 July 2009

Dominique Thiriet, ‘ Warts and All - Laws, Policies and Practices for the Management of Unpopular Species’, a paper presented at the Australian Law Teachers Association Conference, Cairns 7-9 July 2008.

Dominique Thiriet, ‘ Flying Foxes in Charters Towers – A Missed Ecotourism Opportunity’, a paper presented at the 2nd Australian Wildlife Tourism Conference, Fremantle 13-15 August 2006.

Conference Poster:

Jon Luly and Dominique Thiriet, ‘Wildlife Care, Lyssavirus and the Law (2005) Poster presented at the Wildlife Disease Association International Conference – ‘Wildlife Health in a Shrinking World: Ecology, Management and Conservation’, Cairns, 26 June-1 July 2005.