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NEW Report released on welfare implications of the kangaroo industry

Published July 13, 2011 16:44


THINKK has today released a new groundbreaking report entitled 'The welfare implications of commercial kangaroo killing: Do the ends justify the means?' and covered  by ABC's 7:30 program tonight.

The report canvasses the pros and cons of the kangaroo industry to consider whether the objects of the industry justify its impact upon kangaroos and their welfare. The conclusion of the report is:

'The legitimacy of the ends of the kangaroo industry is questionable, particularly the much inflated perceptions of kangaroos as pests (damage caused to farmers and the landscape) and as a panacea for Australia’s land degradation and green house gas emissions. The ‘means’ by which kangaroos are killed carry a high welfare cost to both adult kangaroos and dependent young that is below the mandated welfare standards in the Codes. Therefore the ends of the kangaroo industry do not justify its current means.'

Short version of the report

Entire report

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